Stereotype Threat : A Reflection On Teaching And Learning

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Part 2: Stereotype threat – A reflection on teaching and learning

Firstly, in order to consider stereotype threat, we must first consider what a stereotype is. A stereotype is a widely held view or thought about a particular group of people and in individual cases this may or may not reflect reality. There are so many different stereotypes in the world we live in and unfortunately many of them are negative. For example, a stereotype that some people hold at the moment is that ‘all Muslims are terrorists’. Now, whilst this is clearly not true, it is a belief that some people have. They decide to categorize these people because of what they have heard on the news, or what they have been told by others.

Stereotyping also happens in the school and in this section will be looking at stereotype threat involving race and gender and the effects it has on teaching and learning throughout secondary education, especially for the case of mathematics. It is something that has been a part of the education system for a long time and only recently does it seem that we are beginning to understand it. The term was coined by Steele and Aronson who, in 1995, conducted the first experiment into the performance of African Americans under stereotype threat. Since then there has been a lot of research in this area and they all seem to draw similar conclusions. We will be looking at the views of the author and linking these with various pieces of literature and real life examples.

So, what is

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