Stereotype Threat And Its Effect On A Persons Well Being

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Stereotype Threat and its effect on a persons well being
Jessica Guzman
Chaffey Community College
Professor Barbari
Psych 80

The idea of not performing adequately on a task is something that many people can relate too. This uncomfortable feeling can be experienced throughout many different situations. Previous research suggests that stereotypes on how people are perceived to act or perform can hinder their thought processes and impact their overall performance. This is referred to as stereotype threat. Individuals undergo stereotype threat when they feel pressure to conform to the stereotype that is present. Stereotype Threat is not limited to any category or situation, but has been found to be more prominent in certain areas. This paper will focus on stereotype threat effects in math performance between genders, race/ethnicity and age. Stereotype threat involves the process of coping with the overall threat being exhibited. As stated by Inzlicht and Kang, if the coping mechanisms for this threat are not met then it can lead to stress which will in turn cause stereotype threat spill over. Since stereotype threat is unlimited in terms of targeted groups, categories or situations stereotype spill over is inevitably seen. The spill over of stereotype threat has a lot to do with the type of stress that is placed on people when in situations that put fourth a negative stereotype threat. As stated by Inzlicht et. al. the stressors involved with the negative
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