Stereotypes Of Women Essay

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Recently, I have had an opportunity to watch your TED talk show and analyze one of your political cartoons for school. As a teenage girl of a new generation, I was outraged and disappointed with our society by the gender prejudice demonstrated in your cartoon. Meanwhile, I was able to look into your effort to raise awareness of gender issues and to deliver your message of how women are often wrongly stereotyped as being the main causes of rape by the public. And, I concur with your point. I was stimulated by your challenge to confront the institutionalized behavior of people that stereotypes women, and this encouraged me to write a letter to you to show my support and share my opinion.

Undeniably, I think your statement at the bottom of the cartoon plays a great role in highlighting your criticism against the public stereotype of women. When your quote states: “ … I’m thinking of taking “ How To Avoid Rape”. But the pre-requisite courses are ‘How To Dress’, ‘How To Behave’, and ‘How To Please Everyone, I can notice that you are making an emphasis on how women’s image is highly influenced by people’s prejudice about rape, and you are exemplifying gender conflicts with some common stereotypes people have towards women - women should be responsible for the way they behave and dress. Furthermore, your quote implies to the audience that people have a preconceived notion that women provoke rape because of the way they dress and behave to others. Additionally, your sarcastic
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