Stereotypes Across Generations

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Have you ever been in a debate between something? Well in the article “ Is this generation really more informed?” We read about how people think that this generation is more informed than the generations in the past because everyone has technology and phones. But not all people are correct. Everyone is not always informed about the right things. Some people are more worried about the things that interest them than about things that are important to the world. People have different interests in what they like and what they wanna know about the world. But there are some people who have their own opinions. For example, Glenbard East journalism teacher Jeffrey Kargol, says that, “people can just go online and be informed about basically anything, while other…show more content…
People would rather watch Kobe Bryant's last game in the NBA then know about the terrorist attacks in the world. Even though that you would rather watch Kobe play his last game what if there was an attack coming toward you? Millennials today are really unaware of things going on today in society. Alvarado Rivera said,“Such as people with a news app can choose what sort of news they want to see.People filter the information they are fed.” This is saying that people have access to all the information in the world if you wanna say, but they filter out and choose the things they want to know. People say that Millennials are more informed, they are but they are informed about the wrong things in the world. Millennials usually are informed about their favorite subjects and not important things. “Teenagers know more today than they did the in the past, but it’s just a drop in the bucket compared to all the news that’s out there. No one can know all that!” This shows that teenagers do not look to be informed about important
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