Stereotypes Affected By Social Media

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There are three important reasons to think that life has been exposed through a distorted electronic mirror; Facebook. According to my experience, social media has been the path that many teens and adults (myself) with ages ranging from 10 to 45 years old are using to expose their lifestyles and impressions that are not necessarily true to others. First, everybody is completely aware of the fact that it is not easy for others to make sure the information you post is veridic, therefore, posting an incorrect or a false statement becomes tempting. Second, it is a fact that nobody wants to share tragic stories about their lives in order to avoid any kind of pity from others. Finally, I have noticed that the more you lie on face book the more “likes” you get,…show more content…
As a result, information, including, pictures and posts more often reflect just the good events with the intention to dodge bad feedback that might be very hurtful in some cases. To put it another way, mass media users deliver just events that are far away from being object of mocking and bullying.
Society has found itself in a deep search for self-acceptance based on others opinions and comments. In consequence, the hunt for “likes” has showed us the magnitude of what people can do in order to get society’s attention and interest following the idea that those opinions are going to improve the way we perceive and accept our own reality. Due to the fear of having bad feedback, one can distort reality by modifying pictures, showing a positive attitude when being sad or simply by adhering fake but interesting information about yourself on your profile.
As a conclusion, normal life does not seem to be attractive to others, therefore, in order to fulfil the ego one has to cover it with events that might be far away from
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