Stereotypes Against Indian People in Thailand

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Indians are the group of people who receive a lot of stereotypes in Thailand. Ranging from public places like shopping centers, parties house, hall way, to university campus, we can notice that many Thai people try to avoid staying close to or interact with Indians. One of the stereotype Thai people have toward Indians include viewing Indians as a snake charmer, which give images of ancient and exotic group of people. There is a famous joke in Thai circles that, "If a snake and an Indian come after to attack you, you should hit the Indian first, then snake." This reflects that some Thais view Indian as more tricky and dangerous than a snake. Another reason why Thai people like to think of Indian people negatively is due to the not so good reputation of their county, India. Many still view India as a country full of poverty and chaos. Some Thai even get into thinking that Indians are from another world with different culture, and mind set, thus, are not acceptable and tend to isolate them from Thai sociality. In my own experience, there was a day when I was trying to get a cab to home, it was a long line of people waiting for a cab, and there were two passengers standing at the head of the line, one was Thai and another is an Indian person. One of the cab arrive already riding Indians passengers, but when the Thai women saw the cab was previously sat by other Indians, the Thai person refuse to sit that cab. The second passage on the line, who is an Indian woman she was

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