Stereotypes And Beauty

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Media has taken over the United States as well as other developed countries, and it is impacting females greatly by diminishing their self confidence, and self esteem which is leading to many big, unhealthy problems. Actress and makeup artist, Eva Devergilis, says each time any woman comes and sits in her chair, they apologize for their looks no matter what age, race, weight, etc. they are because the bar for beauty in women is set so high that no one person is satisfied (Ozborne). Lucy-Anne Holmes said, “One gender is allowed to be fully clothed, look old and be overweight while the other isn’t. The impact this has on girls and young women is sad and unfair,” (Martinson). This is true because the idea of men and beauty is set a lot looser,…show more content…
This is unhealthy because this is not a realistic goal; the average viewer is said to have seen 14 messages of this so-called attractiveness a day through the media, which tallies up to over 5,200 messages a year, and this unrealistic goal is implanted deeper into the minds of women each time they receive one of these subliminal messages (Ozborne). Women are a dedicated bunch, so if they feel the need to look a certain way, have a certain shape, be a certain weight, then they are going to take unhealthy measures to achieve these…show more content…
Eating disorders are the most deadly mental illness, although 50% of people with eating disorders are also depressed, so some of these mental illnesses may overlap. A report was taken, and 47% of girls in 5th-12th grade said they wanted to lose weight because of magazine pictures, and 69% of girls in 5th-12th grade stated that magazine pictures influenced their idea of a perfect body shape (“Eating”). There are many kinds of magazines, and they are everywhere; at school, at the dentist, at the doctor’s office, in most homes, in lobbies, etc. Teenage girls that read fashion magazines are three times as likely to obtain an eating disorder (Lopez), which is understandable because magazines are heavily edited, so the people in them that we strive to look like, do not actually look that perfect in
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