Stereotypes And Caricatures : The Film Ethnic Notions

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Eric Amoako Larissa Begley African American 05/05/16 Stereotypes and Caricatures The film Ethnic Notions examines the various caricatures of African Americans in popular culture and the consequences of these representations from the 1800s to the 1980s. The film showed how America went through a face of injustice for a period of time. The internet defines stereotype as qualities assigned to groups of people related to their race, nationality and sexual orientation, to name a few. (Kemick) Throughout American history, African Americans have been victims of stereotypes in many ways. White majority use violence caricatures, stereotypes, dominance, subordination and the media as ways to overpower African Americans. Sapphire or the angry black women is one of the common stereotype associated with an African American woman. According to class, sapphire is the ideology that portrays black women as rude, loud, malicious, stubborn, and overbearing. Black women are harsh and mostly identified to put black men where they belong. Furthermore, it was discussed in class that the sapphire caricature mocks and belittles the African American man, who they are in often in conflict with. According to Jim Crow Museum, black women often mocked African American men for being unemployed and chasing after white women (The Sapphire). It was said black women acted this way because they were fearful about losing their partners. These stereotypes forces black women to be categorize into things
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