Stereotypes And Stereotypes Of African Americans

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Stereotypes seem to be very present in our country, especially stereotypes towards African-Americans. For the longest time, like it has been instilled as a fact in my brain, black people have been directly related to the words “ghetto” or “hood”. I don’t remember a time where I actually can remember the words “ghetto” or “hood” without the picture in my mind of an African-American person. I think that this is a big problem in today’s society because it is not true but still seems to be taught. In politics, society, and everyday life, it feels like African-American’s are being slammed for being hoodlums. This is a problem because there are millions of African-American people who do not fit this stereotype, but still get degraded and treated badly because of this age old belief. In the city I was born and raised in, Omaha, Nebraska, there are about a million people, including the suburbs. Since it’s a pretty good size, there are parts or sections of Omaha and they’re all known for certain things. I have lived all over the city, but fortunately for me, mostly the good parts. Growing up here, I was taught that North Omaha was all ghetto black people, South Omaha was all poor Mexican people, West Omaha was rich white people, and East Omaha was downtown where all of the skyscrapers and buildings were. None of these things I just listed are facts and that is the part that is so bad. Every city in the world has good parts and bad parts, but within those sections, there are also
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