Stereotypes And Stereotypes Of African Americans Essay

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African Americans have been represented in the media with harmful stereotypes which were founded in the slavery era (Cartier, 2014)(Carpenter, 2012). This negative representation invites bias from those who accept the images, the distortion of which is accentuated by both sexism and racism. Black women are the least represented group in cinema, making it easier to rely on stereotypes which encourage societal bias. From these stereotypes, like the Jezebel and Sapphire, stem the “real world” stereotypes of the welfare queen and the crack mother (Carpenter, 2012), showing that media portrayals have shaped public perception regarding black women. While certain genres have seen a rise in portrayals of diversity, overall Hollywood as an industry remains unchanged, inaccurately representing minorities (Smith et al., 2016). For centuries African American women have been underrepresented and misrepresented by the media (Carpenter, 2012). Stereotypical representations have negatively affected the way society sees and relates to black women, as well as their own self perceptions and identities (Brown, White-Johnson, and Griffin-Fennell, 2013). The media is responsible for bias and stereotyping in its portrayal of underrepresented groups in society. The dissection of these stereotypes, statistical analysis of black representation in film, and modern depictions in cinema and television will help to prove the harm misrepresentations are capable of. Ideas of black inferiority date back
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