Stereotypes And Stereotypes Of Black Women

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Stereotypes are images and ideas, fixed and oversimplified, of particular people or things. Black women tend to encounter the utmost sexual and racial stereotypes. The remarks that I commonly hear are black women emasculate their men and are also sexually inhibited. Media and society have installed these stereotypes in a majority of our minds. Black women hear stereotypes very frequently and begin to believe in them. I encountered an immense amount of stereotypes, but they were only misjudgments because they were not aware my full potential.
Last year in February, I found out my boyfriend was cheating on me. I was not only enraged, but also shocked that he cheated with a white woman. Do not perceive what I phonated wrong, cheating is cheating, but his reasons for doing it were unbelievable. He said that she does not argue with him and she makes him feel needed. Stating knowledge, this brother did not have a job neither was in school trying to obtain an education. He was a serial cheater and highly disrespectful. When he stated that she made him feel needed, I only laughed. I laughed because even though he did not have anything I still remained loyal to him. I also laughed because when he stated she made him feel needed, he really meant to imply that she catered to him and let him do what he pleased. In my opinion, men who leave black women for white women because of stereotypical judgements are not masculine enough for strong black women. I aspire to get a man who needs me…
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