Stereotypes And Stereotypes Of Gender Stereotypes

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In today’s society there has always been a struggle for equality, especially when it came to equality between sexes. It was the fight between which gender was more superior than the other. Males won the battle of the sexes and women had to fight hard for their freedom of equality and right to vote. Even though today women are no longer restricted, like they were once were, they are still unable to achieve their dreams. This is from the gender role-stereotypes.
These stereotypes affect their everyday life, school work, and even career choices. Question are often asked about gender stereotypes like ‘Where did these stereotypes first originate?’ Is there any truth to these stereotypes? If gender wasn’t known would there still be stereotypes? How can we stop stereotypes labeling gender? Many scientists thought hard about those questions until they came up with an experiment to answer those questions. Scientists A. Mulac, Berryman, and Wilcox wanted to see if one can identify one’s sex. They did this through written messages. They constructed a two type sex typical message. The readers found that the male speaker was more commanding and less accommodating. As for the female message, readers found that the message was judged more and more valuable than the male message. The results showed that readers favored the female’s message over the males (Mulac, Inconto, and James 1098).
From there Mulac wanted to see if the gender was not known about the speaker how would the listener…
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