Stereotypes And Stereotypes Of Our Modern Society

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Andrea Serrano
English 1101
22 October 2015
Stereotypes in Our Modern Society Stereotypes are a big problem in society and will continue to be in the future as well. Some people label others with certain stereotypes only because they think they should act, talk, or dress a certain type of way. It is wrong that people think someone should act this or that way based off their gender, nationality, or personality. The people that have those beliefs are too narrow-minded and ignorant to see other people’s points of views and to think of other’s feelings. People should stop labeling others and instead grow and develop into a community that aims for equality and respect for one another. People tend to prejudice someone and create an idea based off what they see. For example, if a person is shy in public, others will automatically assume that person is a loner and has no friends. The media is to blame for this because it constantly targets people in a way that’s racist and stereotypical. It targets different people by saying things based off their nationality and color. Most people think it is fine to do so because it’s funny as seen on TV, but that’s the media’s strategy. The media manipulates people by making stereotypical jokes and puns seem funny. Making things seem funny that are actually not funny at all leads people to think it’s perfectly normal. It’s not necessarily the viewers’ fault, but the media’s fault. People are constantly blinded from the reality of what
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