Stereotypes And Stereotypes Of People With Piercings

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As time has gone by people have changed, it is now common to see piercings in both men and women, the truth is that more than 23% of Americans has or has had a piercing in their life. Although a great amount of the population has had a piercing in her life, why are there so many misconception and stereotypes about people with piercings? Misconceptions is a view or opinion that is incorrect because it 's based on faulty thinking or understanding. Then there 's stereotypes, stereotypes are usually based on some truth but they are over exaggerated. Stereotypes may have also been true in the past but as time has gone by the group of people have changed but the way they are viewed by society remains the same. People with piercings have been…show more content…
Society has been in charge of grouping people into different sections to make it easier. Many things have contributed to this the media has played a big role in misconceptions. Why is this? Its simply because in now in days all the information received comes from the media whether it 's from the T.V magazine newspaper or social media people tend to believe everything that comes from the media. Society has grown to believe everything they see on the media and without a doubt everything is really true but if it 's seen in the real world with people around it 's ignored. There are many misconceptions seen in the daily lives for example teen moms are seen to be failures, but who said that 's how things have to be? Teen moms are twice as likely to work harder and achieve more things in life because of the big motivation given to them. When imagining someone with piercings the first thing that comes to mind is that there most likely covered in tattoos as well. The second thing is that they most likely don 't have a good stable job and if they do it 's probably in a tattoo shop. Most importantly when thinking about someone with piercings it 's always a negative view. People with piercings should not be seen as “different” these people have simply found a different way of expressing themselves. People with piercings are admirable because now
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