Stereotypes And Stereotypes Of Senior Citizens

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We live in this present reality where generalizations tend to influence the way society sees a few people. There are many stereotypes and generalizations about each ethnicity trademark. What is a stereotype? Well a stereotype is an idea that people have about a group or thing that may be false or genuine. Many befuddle the word cliché and stereotype since they have a touch of likenesses. They both originate from French and have a negative meaning to its definition. Cliché is used as an expression that is overly used with no originality to it and stereotypes tend to be the same but have more negativity towards its phrases. In America, I have heard plenty of stereotypes whether it being about Mexicans, Asians, or African Americans. I have…show more content…
I began my exploration with this academic article, “An examination of beliefs about older workers: do stereotypes still exist?” composed by Barbara L. Hassell and Pamela L. Perrewe who both work in the department of Management. This article analyzes the convictions about older workers and focuses more on the relationship of the individuals. Their investigation considered the interactions, demographic variables (gender, educational level, ethnicity, income level) and the position of the individual who looks over the employees towards the older workers. This article mentions how older people hold a positive outlook when applying for a job but it did also say that the younger people have a much more outlook on the older people. The numbers show that older workers have filed lawsuits due to the discrimination that some have encountered when applying for a job. The numbers have continued to rise, but since the average age has increased in the work industry, many companies will realize that employing older workers is key due to their experiences and knowledge they have gained from previous jobs. The author makes a claim that the more experienced older workers may overcome the stereotype that is labeled on them. If more companies tend to hire older workers and not fall into the stereotypes that many employers believe in, then it will be outdated. The stereotype being outdated
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