Stereotypes And Stereotypes Of Stereotypes

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When you first meet someone, you judge them based on their appearance. Even though, you may not notice that you judge at first sight, but everyone does it. The widely held but fixed and oversimplified image or idea of a particular type of person or thing is known as a stereotype. Everyone has a stereotype of someone or something, whether they know it or not. It has become more common to have stereotypes in today 's world. Human beings tend to settle on fixed images about races or cultures, and in doing so, assume, due to stereotypes, that they are endangered by all understood in that group. Such attitudes are dangerous, and spread violence across cultures. Every race and culture is characterized by stereotypes. Those that are stereotyped are affected mentally and even physically. Having a certain stereotype placed on your race or culture could influence your ideas of yourself or others. For instance, if a Mexican is stereotyped to be dirty or poor; they may never strive to their full potential because of their belief of those false accusations. Those that cannot reach their full potential miss an opportunity to make the world a better place. Humans that settle on these fixed images have been stereotyping certain races or cultures for a long period of time. These people, which are alike everyone else, tend to categorize races or cultures in specific groups. For example, In schools, students place themselves or others into groups they believe they belong to.…
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