Stereotypes And Stereotypes Of Stereotypes

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Whether acknowledged or not, stereotypes are an issue in society. Stereotypes are often related to culture and religion, but also exist in forms related to gender. As seen in the movie Crash, stereotypes falsely label individuals in society. The labels created by stereotypes influence interactions individuals make with one and other. These interactions can be hostile or warm depending on the stereotypes society believes of the group the individual identifies him or her self with. Stereotypical ideas influence everyday life as individuals encounter various people of various backgrounds. Stereotypes have society falsely create expectations of how others should and ought to be. Ignorant ideas that arise from stereotypes may result in consequences such as violence and discrimination. Gender stereotypes regarding women affect a woman’s ability to be successful and make females vulnerable to social discrimination. Stereotypically, it is expected that women become wives and stay at home mothers. Women are expected to limit themselves from entering the workforce and focus primarily on bearing young and caring for a family. Why? There is no clear reason. However, the consequences and implications of stereotypes against women are clear. Women are expected to aspire to marriage and having children. These expectations are reinforced by social and cultural norms which influence the future of women around the world. Player notes, “Decades of research has shown that stereotypes about
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