Stereotypes And Stereotypes Of The Black Community

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Throughout the history of motion pictures, prejudice directors have used film to control how the general public views certain demographics of people. In particular, the black community has historically been viewed in a negative light. Stereotypes were created through literature and film that still affect African Americans. Directors and writers would create relatable stories and attach demeaning traits to black people that have qualities in common with Black Americans. This would force readers and viewers to subconsciously attach these stereotypes black people. Examples of these stereotypes can be found in Uncle Tom’s Cabin and The Birth of a Nation. Derogatory terms such as “Bucks,” “Toms,” “Coons,” and “Mulattos”, have put African…show more content…
Deebo replies in the most aggressive of ways saying, “Stop being a bitch and come on”. As they are walking towards Stanley’s window, Deebo turns around and tells Craig, “If somebody comes, whistle.” When Craig tells Deebo he is not interested in getting involved, Deebo replies, “If you don’t get involved, I’m gonna knock your ass out too”. Due to dominance, and lack of respect for the law, Deebo has filled the shoes of a Buck. Big Worm’s dominance is show while he is working part time as an ice cream man. While a kid is purchasing a bag of Chili Fritos, Big Worm calls over Smokey to collect the money that he has earned from selling marijuana. Big Worm becomes irate when Smokey does not have the money to pay him. The kid then asks, “Can I have my Chili Fritos,” Big Worm’s response is “You can’t have shit. I’m closed, fat boy.” Big Worm’s anger led him to not give the kid his Fritos nor his money. This is the classic example of a Buck’s anger causing them to make illegal decisions without regard for the law. An Uncle Tom is someone of lower class who is excessively obedient to upper class white people. This term was founded in Harriet Beecher Stowe’s Uncle Tom’s Cabin in 1852. Due to the age of the term and the advancement of this country, the term’s definition has changed slightly. Today, the Uncle Tom stereotype describes Black men that unnecessarily go out of their way to please and emulate

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