Stereotypes Are Fueling Recruiters ' Perceptions?

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What negative stereotypes are fueling recruiters ' perceptions? The first impression is what people see when they meet you for the first time rather it is on a date or at a interview. Some say they don’t care what people think of them as long as they love themselves it does not matter others get very upset and in some cases cause a low self esteem. These are the problems that happen in individuals private life the problems at the workplace are a little different. For instance the job of a recruiter is very challeging to talk to different people the entire day and not pass judgement on them and stay proffessinal at all times. According to Kreitner & Kinicki( 2013) “ Interviewers make hiring decisions based on their impressions of how an applicant fits the perceived requirement of a job. Unfortunately many of these decisions are made on the basis of implicit cognition”. (para. 1) So many people have not received jobs due to being stereotyped against. In many cases it is no fault of the applicant and they are not even aware of what is happening. Some people know exactly what the recruiter or interviewer actions are they can feel that the questions sometimes are going away from the questions that should be asked there are many signs that can show proof that things are not right. The stereotypes that can recruiters get caught up in sex-role stereotype, age, racial and ethnic and disabilities. According to Kreitner & Kinicki (2013) “Perceptions and feelings are

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