Stereotypes Are Innate Or Learnt?

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Stereotypes can simply be defined as: ‘’ A stereotype is ‘’…a fixed, over generalized belief about a particular group or class of people. ‘’ (Cardwell, 1996).’’ Saul McLeod, (2008, Updated 2015) Stereotypes. Although this quick definition does not clarify where stereotypes may stem from. As seen in our text book there is debate on if stereotypes are innate or learnt thus, making some stereotypes deeply rooted. Looking a stereotype in a broader term, I have decided to base my example on stereotypes in schools and the effects they might have in order to better illustrate the material that I have learned. Stereotypes can take many forms and can be witness in many different areas, notably…show more content…
Stereotype often help us to take quick decisions. The cycles than continue for the paths are already set up before them, because of the stereotype they easily fit in too. Research even demonstrates that young girls are subject to gender stereotype affecting their education and forming their beliefs of themselves at a young age. At age 6 girls differentiate themselves with boys, placing the them in the really smart category and avoid games intended for the really smart notably the boys. Lin Bian,Sarah-Jane Leslie, Andrei Cimpian ( 27, January 2017)
These stereotypes set the stage for self filling prophecies, making it harder for them to reach the bar that they have the potential of reaching. Setting the bar for children helps to support the confirmation bias. They are repeatedly told what they should strive for and what is their potential versus exploring their potential and learning who their true self might be. An example of this might be if a child, notably a young girl fails at a math test, it might confirm the message that she has repeatedly heard that boys are better at math. Hence confirming that she isn’t as smart. I will take myself for example of dangers of stereotype validation. Struggling to continue my education, and suffering for anxiety, I was subject to many stereotypes. Breaking the cycle and wanting
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