Stereotypes Are Part Of Our Everyday Lives

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Yomira Arrese Meri Culp Enc 1101 September 28, 2014 Home at last Stereotypes are part of our everyday lives. In our society, there are countless things individuals are guilty of. One of those guilts is stereotyping others even if it wasn’t meant in a harmful and negative way, we all have been a victim or the aggressor. In “Indian Education,” Sherman Alexie perfectly encapsulates stereotyping as a daily struggle. FIRST GRADE Tip toeing into the noisy classroom, I took a quick glance at the unfamiliar faces. The crowded room gave my nose a whiff of modeling clay, crayons and newly waxed floors. It was filled with dazzling pictures of the alphabet and a jigsaw puzzle rug. Ms. Soriano was mumbling. As I approached her, I heard her high…show more content…
Mrs. Whittington assigned me to a group. Some of the boys, when the teacher was not looking, whispered things to one another. Some of the girls linked their pinkies, to show that they were best friends. I just sat on my chair and stared at the walls. THIRD GRADE “Nothing wrong with smiling big, baby,” My mother told me. It was picture day. My mother was teaching me how to smile so the whites in my eyes didn’t disappear. On my way to school, I constantly repeated “Don’t smile too big.” A kid knows to not follow a parent’s advice. “Sit up, back straight, legs crossed and hand on thigh,” The camera lady said, aggravated. I could tell she hated her job. Her tone of voice and patience were at an all-time low. I did just as she said. “Smile on 3.” “1...2...3” I smiled so big my cheeks were hurting. Kimberly, class bully, blonde, lanky and literally a bag of bones pointed out that my eyes disappeared when I smiled really hard. I think I know. FOURTH GRADE I spotted a mob of individuals with curly sideburns and black top hats looking remarkably alike. I come from a family where they eat and breathe soccer and watching young Jews play it brought me chills. It was in New York that I honed my skills and began to learn about the beautiful game. FIFTH GRADE I calmly looked around John F. Kennedy elementary. I could smell the cool morning breeze and hear the birds chirping. I was the new kid for a second time. I felt like I
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