Stereotypes: Film Analysis

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I would present the material in a more friendly way. This is because people in 2015 find things that stereotype very offencive and would complain about the movie. I would do this by minimizing stereotypes of gay people, especially of them being flamboyant. I would change the location of the movie from South beach to San Francisco. This is because San Francisco has a greater representation of the gay populations, rather than South beach. I would also minimize stereotypes of gay people, especially of them being flamboyant. Many gay people get offended by that because not all of them are flamboyant and they could find it offencive. Another technique that I would use is to to actually use actual gay celebrities to touch such a sensitive topic. This way people won’t think it is making fun of their culture, but rather just exposing more people to it. Another technique I would use would be to present the movie in a faster pace, the movie was so slow for me. I feel like this is because this movie is outdated, and this would modernize the movie.
3. Be very specific in the presentation of the material including
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This is because people nowadays are more sensitive and may become really offended by those terms. I would use men because it is more commonly recognized. I don’t think many people know the common stereotype for a lesbian couple. I would also make it more discreet because of it give the wrong of image of gay people. I wouldn’t make the gays have a drag club because it portrays that all gays dress up in drag which is not true. I would add more gay people because it only portrays one gay couple, this way you can have a diverse view of gay people. I would also change the diversity because it only shows white people, besides the butler being South American. This video doesn’t show any blacks or asians, only whites. I would also update their fashion, a lot of clothes they wore would never be seen in
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