Stereotypes In Art Analysis

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A collage is not simply putting pictures together; it is putting pictures together to relay a message. To get my point across, I took my time to arrange each picture to complement each other. The collage, which is vertical in its organization, consists of mostly neutral colors, but has some pops of red and pink. In the center of the collage a woman stands behind a kitchen counter wearing a military uniform; however a red dress was placed on top. On the bottom left corner stands a young girl wearing a taekwondo uniform and a pink scarf around her neck while holding a baby doll. The background of the artwork is a kitchen.
Looking at the artwork it portrays a mom and daughter having an ordinary day. However, the red dress on the women and the pink scarf on the girl were meant to stand out and convey a message. Starting at an early age a girl is being told how she must act and what she must be interested in. Why are girls associated with the color pink? Why are they given baby dolls? Why are they given kitchenettes? Does a woman’s job only consist of working behind a kitchen and raising children? As that young girl grows up with that mindset, she may feel restrained to
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The use of only these two media was to keep it simple, but straight to the point. Each piece of paper and magazine was cut and placed precisely, for it to be in unity. Even the dress, scarf, and doll which stood out were cut perfectly to fit its owner. The collage was carefully created, leaving no spaces, to give a feel of completeness. The kitchen consisted of neutral colors to balance out the bright colors of the women and girl, but to also give more emphasis to them. The girl which is closer to the edge has more weight. As well as the women in the center, her height and the warm color add more weight to her. The collage as a whole demonstrates an ordinary day with a girl and a woman going through the same everyday
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