Stereotypes In English

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Now in this days, we experience a lot of stereotypes in our life. We are basically surrounded by stereotypes. First, mistreatment that I would talk to you about is language. I experienced language a mistreatment in my life by treating me differently. Since I grew up with Latinos parents my first language is Spanish. I will talk Spanish at home with my parents and a little of English. During school, I would talk English all the time and I learn how to be fluent in English. I remember being in school always taking the fluent English Test which I really hated because it made me feel isolated from my other friends who did not need it to take the Test. Furthermore, I did not only experience it at school but also when I would go out with my family.…show more content…
The reason why I would ask her to order for me is because I was shy talking in English since I had an accent. Everyone who will hear me speak in English would tell me, you have an accent, where are you from? I really hated that when people would ask me that, that is why I never really talked to anyone because I did not want anyone to be judging me by the way I talk. In addition, going out with my mother and speaking Spanish around people who did not speak any Spanish would always give us a
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