Stereotypes In Hollywood Film Analysis

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Although its positive influences are evident, the art of Hollywood films is still developing and perpetuating racist stereotypes through the biased portrayal of Muslim characters which produces adverse impact on Muslims in the United States. A survey report on The Arab Journal of Psychiatry conducted by Dr. M. K. Hamza from Lamar University, Texas, showed the evidence of negative impact of the media towards Muslims in particular areas. The data was based on the survey of public perception on Muslims with a total of 90 respondents and collected from several Southeast Texas cities with ninety-two percent of the respondents were Christian, the other 8% represented other religions such as Buddhism, Hinduism, and Judaism with the exclusion of Muslims to…show more content…
Furthermore, the controversial American Sniper film sparked protests and harsh criticisms from Muslim Students Association (MSA) of George Mason (GMU) and Maryland University (MU) as it is claimed to perpetuate misleading and negative stereotypes about Muslims, according to the report from The Daily Caller News (Goldenberg, 2015). Asra Ahmad and Sara Mojarrad, the president and vice president of GMU’s Project Nur, the organization sponsoring the petition to ban the showing of the film on campus, state that they are supportive to the United States armed services, however, they are also concerned with the film creating backlash against the Muslim community in the future due to the bigoted and offensive reactions against Muslims on social media shortly after the film was released as shown in Figure 3 (Goldenberg,
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