Stereotypes In Rap Music

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Many consider rap as violence and label those that are producing it as violent, this causes stereotypes. As stated earlier, rap is a form of self-expression that is can be manifested by a feeling of hopelessness and anger toward unjust law enforcements. In this particular article The Threatening Nature of 'Rap' Music, it addresses the racial stereotypes that are attached to rap music and Black individuals images in society. It highlights the relationship between the law enforcement and rap music lyrics. This study focused on how police, judges, and jurors interpreted rap lyrics by racial stereotyping 281*). It describes stereotypes as “judgmental heuristics” which is defined as “….help decision makers process information….decision makers…show more content…
These article reflect that artists like Lamar use their lyrics for oppositional resistance against the system. The two articles are: Political Rap: The Music of Oppositional Resistance by Catherine Beighey and N. Prabha Unnithan, and Rap Music as Resistive Occupation: Constructions of Black American Identity and Culture for Performers and their Audiences by Elizabeth Pyatak & Linda Muccitelli. The first article illustrates the significances of oppositional resistance in political rap music demonstrated within the music; larger themes are presented: police brutality, the criminal justice system, and “a perceived genocidal conspiracy”*(p.141). Both articles believe that rap can be used forms of resistance to systems of subjugation and slavery, by presenting cultural institution (law enforcement) as racist and exploitative (p.53). Law enforcement attempt to silence and oppress them by placing stereotypes on the “black identity” (p.53). It important to notice that rap isn’t only resistance to the political system but also empowers African American to unify while calling for justice of existential oppression experienced by Blacks
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