Stereotypes In The Usa Essay

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“But isn’t America like, dangerous and stuff?”
What everyone thinks of the USA

“I've never felt this unsafe living in the United States... I can't even imagine what it's like for the people living overseas.”
An actual quote from an American

Why do such perceptions exist? Is it because it is fact? Possibly. Does media stir this discussion? Almost certainly. What cultural winds serve to convey these striking generalizations? The world today, despite being more interconnected than ever, still suffers from a lack of understanding on the part of its people. We fail to see through lenses other than our own. How do we rid the world of vacuous stereotypes? Firstly, I submit a disclaimer: In order for a stereotype to evolve, some semblance of truth is needed. For instance, the idea that the Middle East is dangerous is certainly warranted; anyone can see that the carnage present there is not an understatement. In the case of the above quotes, however, we see a different kind of stereotype. These views are the result of feeling at home and enjoying relative safety, with relative being the key word. Let us examine. When a grave tragedy takes place in a developed nation, the response is usually along the lines of “We must hold steadfast and not let the enemy revel in his
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And for the Americans: Just because a country sounds unfamiliar does not mean a life cannot be enjoyed in it. Every day, I find myself explaining to someone that I did not live in constant fear when in Minnesota, and that the horror stories of shootings don’t actually occur that often. The naivety of society despite its uninhibited access to information is what holds us back. A narrative of “wherever I was raised must be the only safe place” permeates our culture, particularly in First World
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