Stereotypes : Islam As An Abrahamic Monotheistic Religion

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Peace and Submission Islam is an Abrahamic Monotheistic Religion and it is one of the second most practiced religions in the world. The well known prophet, Muhammed, introduced islam in 610 AD and it has about 1.3 billion followers currently. In my hometown, El Cajon, the population of muslim refugees has increased significantly over time. Due to common stereotypes placed on Muslims, they often to hid their religious practices and beliefs away from public eye because they were fearful of what their neighbors would possibly do. These stereotypes often rooted from the lack of knowledge and understanding of Islamic faith. Although I understood the basics of islam and that these stereotypes were false, I’ve still been interested in educating myself more on this religion, but due to this fear it was often difficult for them to explain. Luckily, I was able to interview my dedicated Muslim friend, Zainab Issa. I chose to interview instead of the other options because I truly felt that listening from an insider would allow me to understand how their faith and beliefs affect their daily life while learning what it means to them in an emotional level. Zainab is a current college student working towards a bachelors in computer science. Throughout her life she has experienced bullying and judgment because of her practices, but it hasn’t stopped her from wearing her stylish hijabs and dedicating her life to to religion..
Islam is the religion that most muslims practice. In her
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