Stereotypes Of A Baby Girl

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Two baby girls is born on the same spring day. One’s skin so pale to contrast their rosy cheeks; the other’s deep and rich like copper. The pale skinned baby is thought of as beautiful to everyone around them yet no one bats an eye at the rich skin baby. The fair skinned girl grew up being praised every corner she took just for features, men opening doors for her, stranger’s smiles as she walked down the street — all indirect compliments thrown her way. The darker skinned girl never got to receive any of it. This leading to every day that she would envy the straight hair, the blue eyes, the fair skin. She’d look up to the sky asking God why she wasn’t blessed with fair skin — thinking why she was being cursed to have deeper skin and thick curly hair for the rest of her life. Even others with similar skin color is would turn their heads away from her to instead admire the fair skin girl. What do you think is beautiful?…show more content…
The definition of beauty changes over time yet it still divides us. It makes us judge others before even going to get to know them. Society knows how to work beauty into everything. Making it so important to everyone whether they know it or not. That you’re most likely about to get a job easier if you’re physically beautiful by majority standards and have a harder time if you don’t. Others begin to feel insecure and change their body in anyway shape or form to be more
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