Stereotypes Of Black Women And Black Children Essay

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There are many factors that can be changed within a child be witnessing violence, and black children more likely to deal with these issues, due to the fact the black women would rather keep their violence within their families than to bring the outside world involve, especially the police— “the family secret”. A reason that attributed to black women and the violence committed towards them being a hidden struggle for most of these women is because of “the lack of cultural competence”. Bent-Goodly then goes to quote Allard and Hill-Collins saying, “Negative stereotypes or myths are often at the heart of a service provider 's lack of cultural competence (Allard, 1991). One stereotype is that of the strong African American woman, who can sustain anything, has no fear, and can easily protect herself (Hill-Collins, 1991)”. -Bent-Goodly, 2004 I agree with Goodly on this note, there are stereotypes that stop black women from being able to get the help they need due to the stereotype based mostly off of with what Hill-Collins speaks on and the stereotype of the black woman. There is a perception that black woman are more resilient than any other race, and can handle more struggles, so due to this stereotype black women try to stay strong and hide their abuse that is going on within there home. There are many factors that play into a black woman not putting herself before the abuse that she received. There have been reports of people not being able to receive help because

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