Stereotypes Of Children

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Every child is unique. One can never script what a child is going to say next. We all have our own representation of what a child is. My image of a child is different from others in my generation, different then current teachers and as a society, individuals have a different view of children. My view of children comes from my experiences, views, beliefs. These same ideas are used by others throughout the world. Everyone sees a child from their point a view and that is where our images of children differ. When thinking about my image of a child, immediately, many words came to my mind. Initially, words such as unique, creative, unpredictable, silly and adorable came to me. I then dug deeper into my previous experiences with children. I decided to go through some pictures (that families of the children I babysit back in Aberdeen had given me before…show more content…
One of the common stereotypes I see is the gender stereotype. In TV advertisements and department store ads we see that boys are the ones playing with trucks, Legos and superheroes. These same ads show girls playing with Barbie’s, princesses and babies. These stereotypes are developed early on in life. According to Murun, “by the age of 2 most children label themselves as either female or male, and are aware of gender distinctions.” We learn this young, and it stays with us as we grow into adults. When our society labels are children by these stereotypes, they aren’t seeing children as unique or explorers. Rather, with these stereotypes, our society already has a preconceived idea of what a child is. Our society also gains an understanding of children from what they observe as an outside party. While at the grocery store or at church, people see some children being fussy, naughty and disruptive. Even though not all children act this way, as a society when tend to always focus on the negative ideas rather than the
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