Stereotypes Of Feminism

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Feminism mainly refers to the equal status of women and men, and we often realize that the importance of equality of rights, but still difficult to get rid of some conscious or unconscious gender bias.

Feminism is easy to misunderstanding, that women want to seize power and slavery men.
Feminist movement is the first step in gender equality, and in-depth study of various sources of gender inequality. Such as the formation of gender issues. It is feminist need to do. Sometimes, surface quality does not seem to be really equal.

Feminism was mentioned because the women at that time aware of the women in society by the unfair treatment and hopes to improve such treatment, and then get the same social status with men, rather than fight for power
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Women can freely choose their desired state of life, not in a strong gesture of men, but women’s own attitude go to life, work and socialize.
Media representative
Domestic and foreign research found that many media reflects the mainstream value of society and the use of the symbols did not show women real and diverse appearance, but more is a number of stereotypes. The stereotypes that these media reproduce are rather limited and endangering women to develop a complete personality and become a valuable member of society. The idealized women body images introduced by the media represent standards of femininity that are unrealistic for most female to achieve (Body Image and Advertising, 2000 cited in Karen, 2006).
When the media content represented almost the majority of women identified by the traditional. Now to examine the different media which reproduce the behaviour and characteristics of women as well as the implied social meaning.
TV drama programs often show the traditional female stereotype and implied women are young and beautiful, the purpose is to please men and also women are dependent on men’s accessories and the right to decide is in the men not the women. Moreover, women with beauty and body to obtain power and women become victims of violence and gradually be considered
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