Stereotypes Of Holland

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The country of Holland is a diverse and fascinating country. There are many things that make Holland great besides all of the stereotypes you may here about, but the stereotypical things that you do hear about make up a majority of what Holland is today. Some of the things you’ve most likely heard about are wooden shoes, tulips, and windmills. ‘Aren’t clogs like a huge part of Holland?’ Or maybe a ‘I heard Holland has a lot of windmills.’ But, little do you know they have a lot more meaning than you think. Throughout the decades, wooden shoes have been worn less and less, but the oldest known pair of clogs, or ‘klompen’ referred to by the Dutch, were found dated all the way back in 1230 ad. Some say that wooden shoes were invented by the French, even though they were found all over the European mainland. These shoes were mostly worn by people on the countryside like farmers or gardeners for example. Also, when in Holland, many people enjoy buying clog themes souvenirs. For example a keychain with mini clogs, or even a pair of your own. There are quite a few places where you can go in Holland where you can see how clogs were made, and watch the…show more content…
Tourists come from all around the globe just to see the windmills in Holland. The living conditions in Holland were not the best until around 1400 ad, so it was basically just made up of swamps, wetlands and marshes. It was very often in Holland that villages or towns were abolished by floods. “In 1421, in a particular bad flood, over 70 villages were washed away and thousands of people drowned.” Today, windmills still do exist, but there aren’t nearly as many. The tallest one standing today is called ‘Molen de Noord’ and it stands over 33.3 meters in the air. Mills were mainly used to turn raw material into material that could be traded. For example, paper. The American Declaration of Independence was actually printed on paper made in
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