Stereotypes Of Men And Women Should Act

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Introduction In the Western Society, many individuals tend to believe certain characteristics based on people that are different from them: culturally, racially, or even religiously. This is known as stereotyping. Many individuals will generalize a certain characteristic of a person, stereotyping the individual. Whether it is a friend or a stranger, it comes naturally. For example, there are many stereotypes about how men and women should act. These stereotypes tend to generalize certain characteristics of men and women. For example, men are perceived as aggressive and dominant, and women are perceived as expressive and emotional. This is an example of gender roles. Numerous individuals will believe that people should act appropriately,…show more content…
Problem Initially, in the late 1800s and early 1900s, cheerleading was an elite male activity for privileged men (Adams & Bettis, 2003). The activity represented masculinity and athleticism. According to the editors The Nation , being a cheerleader was one of the most valuable titles a man can have in college, it was as valuable as being a quarterback on the football teams. Towards the late 1920s and early 1930s, women started to participate in cheer (Adams & Bettis, 2003). Although women started to participate in cheerleading it was still perceived as a masculine activity that promoted masculinity and leadership. Throughout the years, numerous women started to participate in the activity and it began to compromise ideal masculinity (Adams & Bettis, 2003). Towards the late 1950s, cheerleading went from representing masculinity to representing the ideal femininity (Adams & Bettis, 2003). Presently, cheerleading is still perceived as the ideal femininity, although the numerous changes. It went from being an activity to a competitive sport. Male cheerleaders are no longer perceived as masculine, they are perceived as feminine. Presently, they are being discriminated since cheerleading is known as a feminine sport. Generally, when an individual think of a male cheerleader the first thing that he/she thinks of is that the male cheerleader is a
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