Stereotypes Of Personality Or A Vulnerable Narcissist?

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Narcissism is defined as excessive self-love and self-absorption by Myers and Dewall, (Myers & Dewall, 2015). A narcissist is completely and utterly obsessed with their own self. According to Caligor, Levy, and Yeomans (2015), narcissistic personality disorder is highly comorbid with other disorders and other psychosocial disabilities. Unfortunately, there has not been very much research on narcissism and its effects and symptoms in the past. Because of this, new studies are occurring to discover the untold answers about narcissism. Thanks to the newly found research, it has been shown that there are two subtypes of narcissistic personality disorder, with characteristics of grandiosity and vulnerability. (Lannin, Guyll, Krizan, Madon & Cornish, 2013). Those who struggle with narcissistic personality disorder may be generalized as a grandiose narcissist or a vulnerable narcissist. A grandiose narcissist may be self-loathing, have a need for admiration, feel as though they are entitled to everything, and have a lack of empathy, (Caligor, Levy, & Yeomans, 2015). A vulnerable narcissist is one who struggles with, or has low self-esteem; they are hypersensitive, they may also feel lesser than everyone else, and may feel internal emptiness, (Caligor, Levy, & Yeoman, 2015).
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