Stereotypes Of The Film Touched Base On Different Stereotypes

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Stereotypes Presented in the Film The film touched base on different stereotypes that come with living in an area such as Crenshaw. When Tre was shown living with his mother, in the beginning of the film, it is seen that Tre gets into trouble at school. There was an incident where Trey and another student got into an altercation and Tre was suspended for 3 days. Later the same day, Tre gets home and his mother is on the phone discussing the issue with his teacher. The conversation between the teacher and Tre’s mother begins to escalate due to his mother feeling offended. This being that the teacher believes Tre is another student in her class that is a fatherless child, with a mother who is uneducated and struggling to pay her bills consistently. Single mothers are very common among low income neighborhoods. According to Edin and Kissane (2010), “Poverty rates for Black Americans and families headed by single mothers will skyrocket relative to the rest of the population, rising to about 30% and 45%, respectively (p. 471).” This feeds the stereotype that fathers within low income areas are absent in these households. Therefore the teacher finds it necessary to ask if Tre’s father is present within his life because many of the teacher’s students are not being raised by their fathers. Resulting in her to assume that Tre’s misbehavior is a result from his father’s absence, being that he does not technically live in the same household as Trey at this age. In other words the
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