Stereotypes Of The Homeless People

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Stereotypes of the Homeless
People become homeless for a number of reasons. These reasons are that create the stereotypes against those who have nothing in life. To judge people by what they do is normal. After all, what better way is there to judge a stranger by his words and his actions. The problem is when the homeless get judged wrongly, they are also treated unfairly. These stereotypes prevent the government and the society from giving the homeless the type of assistance that best suits to them. In order to clarify my thinking of homeless I have read three articles by different authors and they have different cases. These three articles discussed below and provide understanding on how the stereotypes of the homeless could be changed.
The individualistic approach to poverty holds that success and failure depends on what a person do with his or her life. The homeless are victims of their own actions and behaviors. They have less in life because they waste their life away with drinking and loitering. The homeless are the type of people who are uneducated, mentally unstable, and do not have ambitions. According to Timmer, at el. (1994), a stereotype of the homeless that hardly takes behaviors that many people view as unproductive. It suggests that there is no one to blame for their life in the streets but themselves. That by not working as they should, they end up with nothing in the streets. People have full control of their life in the future, and the homeless have no
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