Stereotypes Of The Media

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The media has a huge influence on young people today it is a huge influence because it is about the stereotypes that they are using and how the use it. They use it to make you think that teens are always bad and doing bad things like partying getting drunk doing drugs etc in this essay I will be writing about the 2 stereo types the first one is going to be the plastics and the other one is jock from glee. Stereotypes are used in films to help change the media and make them think about others differently. Media texts are artificial versions of reality.
You can spot these representations on the back of a bus on tv ads. Also you're at the bus top there will probably be a sign with a pretty girl wearing a brand of some sort. The teens these
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He is also not very smart and doesn't know what he is doing on life some film techniques that are used are costuming his outfit is wearing a football jacket with jeans which makes him stand out as a football player sporty man. Another technique is the lighting when he is singing it is all bright around him and it makes everything look so peaceful and happy. They also used props which made dance scenes more entertaining and lit up the school a bit more. One prop I remember is the purple piano every time the glee club saw one they just started singing on it to get more people to join the club. The stereotype makes kids believe that if you're tall and have big muscles that means you can be a footballer but Finn kind of breaks the stereotype because he is in the glee club and when a big footballer join that club people instantly think that he isn't cool anymore and he gets laughed at which shouldn't happen if you join a different club to what your friends aren't in.
The real life consequences that will happen to the plastics will be that there phone will be taken off them because when you're at school in the middle of a PE lesson you can't just pull out your phone and talk to your friends. In the real world you can't control what you want to do when you want to do it. There can be

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