Stereotypes Of The Native Born Essay

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In America, it’s native born are naïve to the opportunities that govern their social mobility, both horizontally and vertically. While foreigners, must start a new social identity regardless of their past life, they undergo not only extreme prejudice but also discrimination, inequity and unjust policies that further oppress them. One of the many ways the native born have oppressed foreigners is through stereotypes; more commonly known as “myths”. Although stereotypes are general conceptual views of social groups, it is too broad a generalization to justify the oppression that foreigners experience. For example, a few common myths or stereotypes of the Asian-ethnicity is their excellence in mathematics, have narrow eyes or their unique phonetics when speaking another language. Such is not the case for the general population of Asian-Americans native to the land, but the same could be said for any other ethnic group. At first glance, these myths yield a heavy negative connotation but it is only when we challenge these myths do we begin to realize these myths do not accurately represent the social group without oppression. However, these stereotypes may be used to describe the social group in a positive way. For some, the ideology of these stereotypes may facilitate a pride in upholding the characteristic of their ethnicity. Thus, for each generalized statement that does not account for the unique outliers to the statement, there will always exist a positive perception of the
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