Stereotypes Of Women In Math Essay

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In the mathematical field there is an obvious differentiation between the amount of males and females in the field. This might raise the question of why that is or if there even is a specific reason, well there is, women are heavily pushed away from mathematical careers due to multiple factors. Although there are not many females in the math field, the ones that are bring different ways of thinking into light which helps the math careers grow and improve. Even though women do have different perspectives and outlooks on things, the way they do math is not very different, but unfortunately when put in pressured situations women seem to underperform compared to when they are in a calm, unpressured environment. One way that people could rid of…show more content…
They both have different ways of solving math and men most times have the advantage over women due to the heavy impact of stereotypes on women. In the article Knowing is Half the Battle: Teaching Stereotypes Threats as a Means of Improving Women’s Math Performance it states that there are many affects that stereotypes have on women that effect their performance including anxiety and other affective and cognitive responses. (John) When stereotypes are put into play, they cause problems and the people cannot perform properly because they start to believe the lies of the stereotypes. One thing from New Trends in Gender and Mathematics Performance: A Meta-Analysis writes that women perform better in a setting where there are no stereotypes versus a setting that has stereotypes. (Lindberg) This shows that college student women do not perform well when they are pressured by the stereotypes people say to them, but when put in a place where there are no stereotypes pressuring them they do better in their mathematical performance. Stereotypes are one of the main reasons that females have trouble with competing against males, because they feel that they are not good enough. Stereotypes are a huge problem when deciding what to do for a career, but when there is a way to deplete stereotypes it might change the
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