Stereotypes Of Women In Maths Essay

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Indeed, math considers as an important skill that we often use it during our life even if that are directly or indirectly. That means this skill should be shared between men and women in order on or using daily when we buy or cook. However, stereotype play a significant role to reducing the role of self-confidence and self- esteem among women. For example, because this stereotype that show societies women are unintelligent or less efficient than men, that reflects negatively on self -confident of women. I think that return to several reasons, but the important one is the efficiency of teachers. According to Woollacott (2010) “more than 90 percent of elementary school teachers in the country are women - and they can get their teaching certificates with very little mathematics preparation, according to the National Survey of Science and Mathematics Education” (Woollacott, 2010). I think when most of elementary schools are women who have limited preparation in math and their students see that, the students (especially girls) will think that women always have problems with math because their teachers (women teachers) do not do well in classrooms.
For that, to solve this problem, educational institutions and administrators should correct the students’ self- confidence and society's perception
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They have all the ingredients to be an important part of STEM fields exactly as men. For that, in future, when I have a daughter, I will be sure to learn her that math is your life, so if you want to have a successful life you, you should deal with it as math. For example, I going to learn her to use steps or the problem solving process that she using to math formula or problem in her life problems. This way will support and encourage to deal with math daily and limit math anxiety for her because I hope she will be one of the successful STEM
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