Stereotypes Of Women In Sports

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Often, driving down the street, most people don’t see little girls outside bouncing an orange basketball shooting hoops in their driveways. Let’s say a little girl, at the age of only seven years old has a dream of becoming a basketball player ever since the day she picked up the ball in her hands. That little girl is most likely going to have her dreams crushed by the cruel reality of equality of opportunity in sports in high school or college. Studies show that “By age 14, girls are dropping out of sports at two times the rate of boys.” (Women’s Sports Foundation) For many women who are entering male dominant sports, equal pay is not being given, and Title IX is a culprit to affect these conditions. Throughout the years, women have overcome certain stereotypes about entering male dominant sports. First of all, the author, Jennifer Banas, explains that it's “unladylike” for women to do specific sports, especially male dominated sports. Women are seen to play tennis, golf, figure skating, and gymnastics. “These sports demonstrate the ability and elegance “natural” for women…” says writer Jennifer Banas. Women should be able to show off their more sporty side if they want to and not be judged by society. Secondly, many women have overcome these stereotypes and have done great achievements. As Great Female Athletes in Male-Dominated Sports states, “In 1931, 17-year old Jackie Mitchell, a female pitcher for the Chattanooga Lookouts reportedly struck out both Lou
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