Stereotypes Of Women In The Media Analysis

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Commercial advertising may produce the sense of low-esteem, humiliation and even inferiority in those women and men who do not look or act like the people represented in the media as having the ideal body.This negatively affects how people view how they look compared to how other people look in the media. This causes many people to have low self-esteem about their own body images which can make people do extreme dieting or go into depression because they don't look like what the media showcases. Representations of women in the media tend to highlight beauty, size and relationships. These stereotypes carry on in commercials and negatively impact women’s outlook on what’s important. This can be seen in the Inspire Her Mind by Verizon Wireless.…show more content…
I believe this because most people might not even know that they are unknowingly putting in gender stereotypes. Some people might even be aware of how much gender stereotypes are in the media, therefore, they don’t realize they are doing it themselves. I believe they are unintentionally doing it because they are doing things that many other people are doing so that's what they are used to seeing so to them that is normal. I feel that if they did a more obvious commercial with a straight up 30s housewife or a woman obviously shown as a sex toy then it would be intentional stereotyping. This assignment really helped to also open my eyes about how other people are represented in the media such as the lack of colored people. If you look at commercials and other medias, many of the people in them are white, which I believe needs to change. We need to portray not only women better, but other people not frequently seen in the media. Hopefully, one day we will be able to change that.
We are constantly surrounded by media in many forms, ones that which constantly tell us who we ought to be. Media has an influence on society’s way of thinking because every message you see or hear will have some impact on you. Since stereotypes are in everyday life many commercials will use the reality of that as one of the most popular techniques of persuasion. Genders roles is engrained in society and the media helps to reinforce institutional discrimination when they put media out there that is stereotyped. As a society we need to end the conflict between the inequality difference from men and
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