Stereotypes On Daily Bases

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On a daily bases people make excuses for everything. Everything meaning our actions and the things that we say. Common things that we make excuse for deal with sexist, racist, and heterosexist comments. Sexist is classified as saying that one sex is better than the other. An example of this is someone calling a male or female something that they are not. I do not like this because we are all humans and deserve to be respected and not called something that is degrading. We all know that racist is downgrading one race compared to another. An example of this is, saying that all black people are loud and ghetto. We all act the same but some people do certain things different from others. That’s just there way of living. I do not think that just because one person acts one way the whole race does also. Heterosexist is defined as heterosexuality is better than all other expressions. An example of this would be talking about how a guy dresses and calling him gay. I do not agree with this as well because it is good to stand out and be your own person not matter how others see you.…show more content…
Something that I hear on a daily bases is the n-word that if=s referred to in the book. My friends use it in regular conversation, referring to someone, and I have heard it used in a racist way. I will admit that I have even used it myself. There are many other word that we could use while we are talking that is less offensive. The book also talks about communication rules which is the shared understandings among members of a particular culture about what communication means and what behaviors are appropriate in various situations. I think this plays into why the n-word is used so much. We grow up hearing certain things from our parents and friends which makes u think it is ok to
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