Stereotypes-Personal Narrative Analysis

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“Drink” it ran from the stereo “Drink, significa bebida.” My sister and I had to sit on the couch every day and listen to a painfully perfect repetitive voice teach us English. My sister caught on pretty well with the language but she still had to repeat a grade due to the language barrier. I started off in preschool when we came to Massachusetts, so I had more time to adjust. I grew up shy, after coming from Colombia, but I made friends. My whole life was changing, but I never saw it as a bad change. But slowly I came to realize how Americans, through stereotypes and the media, perceived Hispanics latinos. The Hispanics on TV were usually loud, working minimum wage jobs, and frequently not as bright as the white charming main characters. Gradually…show more content…
Going to Latino community meetings and always being able to find some sort of negative stereotype that fit anyone I met there, it made me believe in the generalizations I saw on TV. The shame changed my way of thinking, I started to detest Hispanic music, the beautiful clothing of Colombian Campesinos, even the language. I spoke Spanish less frequently and got annoyed whenever my parents told me to speak it. I didn’t want to be associated with those stereotypes. I didn’t want to seem dumb, or mediocre, or inferior to my friends. It made me think that if I did associate myself with the stereotypical Hispanic on TV, that I would become someone who carried all those negative stereotypes. But, although it seems very significant, my choice to dissociate myself from my culture was a brief decision that did not take a lot of thought. At that age, around five to ten years old, I did not comprehend the importance of culture and history and how it affected my identity. One year, during our winter holiday my mom’s aunt and uncle and their children visited. My mom told me many times prior to their arrival that I was to speak Spanish with them since they don’t speak any English. Our interactions were awkward, I could understand but I couldn’t convey what I wanted to say to them without feeling stupid, and as a shy kid I did not do much to make myself uncomfortable. My older sister took this opportunity to make herself feel better by putting me down about something I wasn’t good
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