Stereotypes: Reoccurring Issues In News Media

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Multiple authors such as Noah C. Rothman, James Fallows, and Glenn Greenwald demonstrate that a reoccurring problem in news media coverage is the failure to relay all of the information about an event to audience members who did not witness it themselves. However, The ultimate fighting championship’s (UFC) 193rd event did not seem to face these difficulties. While every aspect of life has its downsides, many major news corporations covering this event presented a very fair story showing both fighter’s sides of the event. Although some might think this fight was a very minuscule event, it was far from this bringing a record breaking night that drew more viewers than any other mixed martial arts fight in history. This iconic event clearly calls…show more content…
Frankland does a stellar job walking the thin line of representing both fighters in a positive light and still making sure the audience has all the details needed. The whole fight is seemingly summarized with one beautifully written line, “Ronda Rousey was the UFC's unstoppable force until Holly Holm used the former champion's aggression against her” (Frankland). This line is so influential because Frankland captures both fighter’s styles and the way they executed them throughout the fight. While Martin’s article downplayed the level of skill of Rousey, this line also shows that she dominated the UFC until facing Holm. Contrary to Martin, Frankland interviews both fighters and their trainers. What some might leave out attendance, considering it not a major part of the story ESPN’s news anchor did a great job of capturing the significance of the event by saying “the first UFC event ever held in Melbourne, drew 56,214 fans and broke the promotions previous attendance record of 55,724”( Okamoto). While some fans might still be opposed to females fighting in the UFC, record breaking attendance from a card with a female main event boldly shows that these sexist views are a thing of the past. Okamoto also paints beautiful imagery of the fight itself with vivid details such as “Rousey’s
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