Stereotypes: The Bias Of A Newspaper

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Our team choose newspaper called “The globe and mail” and the article is about “I’m worried about the health risk; that’s my top worry”.

This journalist expresses a bias by didn’t mentioned about why or what happened. Readers can’t figure it out what this article about, until they see the pictures or body text. Also, most of main information about this article is located in the middle of the newspaper; However, key information is shown on the first page of this newspaper. When readers look up the first page, if they want read more about this article, they have to turn to page 6, while they turning the pages readers faced lots of different advertisements. This gives readers distraction and main article is located right underneath the Scotiabank advertisement, so when readers reading a this newspaper on the subway, for example, even they fold the newspaper in half, they can still see the ad which is more colourful than main article. Therefore, readers tend to miss even the smallest details of this article.
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But When you look up the headline of this article, this journalist use word “I”, “my” and “top”, which is very subjective word choice and readers can have hidden bias and prejudices before they read body text. Even in body text, journalist use “heavily”, “burnt cars”, “shattered homes”, “linked to cancer”, “more than ~” which is negative connotation. This can strongly influence the readers and might be seen differently. When readers look up photo, there is some areas that doesn’t have ashes on the ground but It seems like photographer took this picture where all the ashes and trashes piled up. It gets people interested, but it also influences reader’s opinion about this article. Therefore, this photo has potential
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