Stereotypes Vs. Guys

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“You are so annoying why can’t you just be girly!” This is one thing you hear when you are friends with both girls and guys. Although both are amazing to have, both have their perks and downsides.They can be exactly alike in one way and completely different in another. Girls and guys find different things entertaining. Guys are stronger and more honest to your face while girls tend to lie quite a bit. Both girls and guys seem to be great people to have in your life with many things they can both offer you.
“Let's go do something fun!” Depending on which group of friends you are with that statement can have completely different meanings. Fun in girl talk means something crazy that makes us look slightly crazy to the rest of the world. They enjoy
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Guys are flat-out and honest about how they feel. They don’t care if you get upset about it because they know it is better, to be honest than to lie and get caught up in all those lies. It is easy for them to be honest because if they are honest and you don’t like the answer chances are you are over it before you have time to even be mad. If a guy knows something they will be the firsts person to tell you if they feel you should know. They don’t care about feelings sometimes but they do care other times. If you are having a rough day chances are they will be there before any other person will be. They will have your back and make sure you are okay throughout everything. Guys are completely honest about mainly everything. They are very trustworthy people to be around who after a while will make you feel better about…show more content…
Every once and awhile you will find a girl who is an amazing person and brings out the crazy side of you. She will make you happy and gladly take you out to try new things with her. She will understand your emotions when no guy can even begin to get you. She will bring out your inner girl no matter how hard you try to hide it from everyone. You will have fun and go on road trips, singing so loud your throat hurts the next day. You will go to a bonfire and she will force you to meet new people so you can do it more often. Girls will bring out the craziest side of you and you will have the best time of your life with them. They will take you everywhere and not care about anything else. You are something different to have as a friend but once you find one that is an amazing person you will find yourself around her more often because she makes you just as happy as the rest of your
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