Stereotypes in Alcohol Advertising to Teenagers

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Stereotypes in Alcohol Advertising to Teenagers 1. Gender Messages in Alcohol Advertising Stereotypes refer to standardize and simplified conception of groups, based on some prior assumptions. For example, a girl might not choose to be an engineer as most of the people have set their minds that the profession is always a guy. This is what we call stereotyping. But, who says a girl cannot be an engineer? According to the Media/Impact: An Introduction to Mass Media, Ninth Edition by Biagi(2009/2010), journalists often use shorthand labels to characterize ethnic and other groups. The image of woman portrayed by the media has been the subject of significant contemporary studies by many media researchers. Observers …show more content…
This is because Malaysia has different races, culture, and religions. Thus, to avoid conflict among each other culture, those alcohol advertisements have been changed to a more conservative promoting method. In Malaysia, alcohol advertisements only show in cinema, before the movie is being played, newspapers and magazine. But, some of the concept in male and female stereotypes still occurs in Malaysia alcohol advertising. For example, The Buddy of male stereotypes often shows in Malaysia alcohol advertising. The advertisers promote alcohol as a tool to unite the men with their friends and it is a very good moment to be together with friends accompanied by alcohol. On the other hand, the Party Girl of female stereotypes often occurs in Malaysia advertising. The advertisers promote that female with alcohol is stylish, sexy, glamorous, and she is the centre of the party. For example, the girl holding a glass of alcohol may surround by a group of guys showing that she is the centre of the party. These kinds of alcohol advertising that shown in Malaysia are different from oversea advertising as in the way of the attire and conservative degree. Oversea country such as United States applies Libertarian theory which stresses on freedom of the press allowing their media to publish or broadcast whatever they want through the media. So the female characters in their alcohol advertising can wear sexier and even
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