Stereotypes in Everything that Rises Must Converge by Flannery O’ Connor

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Stereotype has always been a major situation among racial society, since the 1960’s all the way till today. Stereotype has been used as a separation among other racial ethnicities. Racial stereotyping has actually made humans believe how other’s actions are really supposed to be, and how they should be treated. However, some people from the racial stereotyping societies had disapproved this discrimination and had fought for their rights; because they believed that all humans are equal and must converge together as a unity of equality. Every person has his or her own different mind perspective on stereotyping; that can lead him or her to major consequences or moral lessons. Stereotyping has blinded many people from facing reality and…show more content…
But what Julian doesn’t realize is that he’s fooling himself, because Julian’s mother and him are no different when it comes to stereotyping and feeling superior from African Americans. Even though Julian and his mother have the same criticizing thoughts about African Americans, they have a difference between them. Julian is more quite and more secretive about his opinions and thoughts on stereotyping black people. On the contrary, his mother is more outspoken on how she feels when she talks about African Americans. Even though Julian is more secretive, he expresses those thoughts by trying to “help” teach his mother a lesson about “race relations and the modern world” (Maida, Patricia Dinneen); without him noticing that “she is the point of view of her son”(Michael L. LaBlanc and Ira Mark Milne). In other words, Michael L. LaBlanc and Ira Mark Milne are trying to say that, his mother’s actions on stereotyping are his actions as well, that there alike. Also like his mother, he felt superior to the people around him in the bus because of his college education (Maida, Patricia Dinneen). Julian as well feels wealthy from others, because of his race and his wealthy families from the past. In Flannery O’ Connor’s story, O’ Connor writes that “he could not bear to be part of what was going on around him” (Connor, O’ Flannery pg. 5). What Flannery O’ Connor is trying to say is that, Julian is not used to sitting and being near African

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